More Core Values...

Plentiful Giving

God's given us life abundantly. We give back to him plentifully with our Time, Treasure, & Talents.

Purposeful Praise

God is worthy of it all. We give of ourselves completely.

Personal Relationship

We are called to be a Body knited together. We do this in fellowship & small groups.

Perpetual Growth?

Healthy things growth. This growth is Personal- Discipleship & Corporate- Evangelism.

Positive Perspectives

All things work together for the good, don't sweat it.

Peaceable Teamork

When the team works, the dream works. Peace will keep us from being in pieces.

Practical Living

Model the message.

Persuasive Creativity

We serve a creative God who has called us to use our creativity (talents) for the spreading of the Gospel.

Pursuant Servant Leader

Always pressing toward the mark. The least is the greatest.


What do I wear?

You can wear what you wish, but you will find the atmosphere at Celebration casual and relaxed. We welcome it all, from suits to shorts.

Where do I park?

We have safe and convenient parking located right in front of the church. As our first-time guest, please enjoy the reserved parking spaces right in front.

What about the Kids?

We have a great children's ministry that your kids will be talking about all the way home. There is also a toddler room and a nursery available for nursing mothers.

What kind of music to you play?

Hey, it's a Celebration! So expect vibrant high energy music mixed with intimate moments of worship.

Do I have to give?

As our guest, do not fill obligated to give. It would be a blessing for us; however, if you could fill out a guest card and place it in the basket so that we could better serve you.

What's the message like?

Every message is shared from God's Word in a creative, yet impacting manner. Each message is given with the desire to move our hearts, challenge our thinking, & bless our day-to-day lives.

Will I be singled out?

Of course not, you will not be asked to stand or greet to the church. We only ask that you fill out Guest Card.

You made it...

Do you know that you have just stumbled across a caring bunch of new friends who see only the best in you?

Jesus said He came that we would have "life & life more abundantly!" (John 10:10). In other words He wanted us to not just survive, but Thrive! Thrive means to grow, develop, flourish - to be fortunate and successful. Its' the kind of life we all want - one that impacts the world and turns us into the best version of ourselves. There's a way to experience that kind of life - Jesus said that He came to bring us life and life to the fullest! We are on that journey and invite join us at Celebration Worship Center this weekend and discover the Bible's recipe for growth, success, and being your very best...Don't just survive, thrive!

Be Our V.I.P.

As our V.I.P., you will be treated to the best parking (just put on your hazards to let our attendantss know you are our special guest), a reserved cozy seat, a dessert & free coffee (just fill out brief guest card to redeem voucher), & a small gift (mailed the following week) as our way of saying "thank you for your time & presence"

At Celebration you are treated  as a V.I.P. because Jesus considers you his V.I.P. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16).

What to expect at a Celebration Service

We're rolling out the Red Carpet for you.

First of all, expect a warm welcome from the parking to your cozy seat. Then get ready for a Celebration that is creative, energetic, and fun. Above all you will also experience the Presence of God in a beautiful and intimate way. From the worship to the prayers, you will notice the tangible touch of God. During your time of worship and encouragement, you children will also be experiencing their own Jesus Celebration in the Stars Children's Ministry. So get ready to make yourself at home because when you're at Celebration, you're amongst family!